Why Us?

Successful diamond acquisition and investment decisions require specific knowledge and the right access to the market. If you don’t have the right advice it’s easy to get taken advantage by making a bad investment. Because we see the need for a new standard – one with honesty, integrity and expertly sourced advice on diamond and jewelry acquisitions we created The DIAMOND ANALYST.


The DIAMOND ANALYST provides clients with a personalized, integrated guide through the intriguing and complicated diamond buying and jewelry making process.

There are vast amounts of information available on how to buy a diamond but it requires you to research and process lots of little known details. It’s a time consuming process where a diamond insider can help you save time, money and give you peace of mind.

Get your feet wet with diamond prices now…

The Diamond Retail Benchmark is the monthly pricing guide based on nearly half a million diamonds available in the international wholesale marketplace. Get the background on diamond pricing with access to The International Diamond Index Retail Benchmark (DRB).

Access the diamond industry’s DRB for diamonds by clicking here.

TheDiamondAnalyst Diamond Profile Report is your access to significant DISCOUNTS off this Price List.

Diamond shape and quality drastically impacts the value of your investment. Based on your specifications we create a personalized investment profile that will help you understand your selection before spending thousands of dollars.

On a deal loaded with emotional significance you want to buy right. Review hundreds of possible diamond options and their prices before you fall headfirst in love with the over priced alternative that could have cost you much less or was not the quality you thought it was.


  • Guides you on where to purchase a conflict free diamond;
  • How to weigh price variations versus quality on the Color scale;
  • Defines the significance of Clarity grade and the impact that may have on your investment; and
  • Navigates the nuances of similar diamonds to direct you towards maximum value.

REDUCE THE RISK of making a misinformed and costly decision. Save time and aggravation to make this acquisition process a fruitful and satisfying experience that leaves you better informed and proud of the selection you made.

Contact the Diamond Analyst today to get started and learn what you need to know on how to buy a diamond right, for the best investment.