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THE DIAMOND PROFILE REPORT shows you how to identify significant diamond quality parameters and to prioritize what is most important so that you select the most diamond for your budget.

Ultimately, making the right choice is what the diamond purchase is all about.  Be properly prepared with the fully customized and up to the minute DIAMOND PROFILE REPORT.  We believe that investing in a diamond should be an exciting and comfortable experience that forges a new relationship you can count on.

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Please complete the payment process and fill out the Diamond Profile Data form that follows. A fully customized DIAMOND PROFILE REPORT will be researched and delivered to you via email within 24 hours and will provide specific guidance and price details for the diamond profile that you requested at a cost of $250.  You will not find a consolidated and customized profile of the diamonds you are interested in from any other diamond professional.

The DIAMOND ANALYST is the diamond cutter with the MBA and your personal guide to diamond acquisition and investment with dedicated Client support throughout the process. Feel free to contact The DIAMOND ANALYST for more info.

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