Meet John Vardis

For over a decade, John Vardis has pursued every aspect of the diamond industry taking him from Bismark to Brazil from New York City to Tel Aviv and from Athens to Miami. Each experience added unique insights to his continually evolving and top notch diamond expertise.

It was after completing his MBA in Boston, that John immersed himself in the highly skilled craft of polishing, sawing, and shaping diamonds from the rough. He trained intensely under the instruction of the leading Master diamond cutter and Founder of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting – one of the most accomplished diamond instructors in the world. John graduated with the internationally recognized certification in rough diamond grading and polished diamond cutting which is a rarely achieved distinction in the diamond cutting world. Determined to achieve comprehensive diamond knowledge, John enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York City to add the prestigious Diamonds Graduate Diploma to his experience and diamond expertise.

What followed were several years of ground-breaking research and development to define and develop a new high tech approach towards manufacturing diamonds. John worked with specialized engineers and software programmers to produce the most accurately faceted diamonds from rough. This intensely detailed pursuit presented John with the opportunity to share his unique diamond background at Tiffany & Co in the Valuations department where diamonds and jewelry collide to form their exquisite appeal and unique distinction.

Today, John owns and operates Alithea Design. Alithea specializes in custom designed and hand made jewelry. He’s also an active and well regarded member of the diamond trading community and among international exchanges which gives him the ability to access the finest diamonds around the world. With his reach John has a unique ability enabling him to provide exceptional selection, quality and value to his clients.