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Successful diamond acquisition and investment decisions require specific knowledge and the right access to the market.

The DIAMOND ANALYST was created to provide clients a personalized, integrated guide through the intriguing diamond buying and jewelry making process. We see the need for a new standard of honest, insightful and expert advice on diamond and jewelry acquisitions.

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Each diamond shape and quality has its own investment profile that you should understand before spending thousands of dollars on a deal with this added emotional significance. Buy it right. Personalize the experience. Review hundreds of possible diamond options and their prices before you fall headfirst in love with an over priced alternative that could have cost you much much less or was not all the quality you thought it was.

The Diamond Analyst helps you navigate the quality and cost inconsistencies to find the sweet spot of value in your diamond acquisition.

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The DIAMOND ANALYST guides you on where to find a conflict free diamond. How to weigh price variations versus quality on the Color scale. Details the significance just ONE Clarity grade may have on the investment. When does a .10 difference in carat weight between two diamonds of the same shape justify paying a premium and why does it NOT sometimes?

Is a Colored diamond a better investment? What can I afford?
The right relationship optimizes for value, quality and your precious time.

Contact The DIAMOND ANALYST today. Available by appointment only in New York City and Chicago. Call or email for a free phone consultation on your questions on diamond acquisition.

Do you want to know the right stuff (quality factors and prices) and want to purchase a customized Diamond Profile Report now, just fill in the Diamond profile form with the diamond parameters that you desire and a customized Diamond Profile report will be sent to you via email after your purchase.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Save potentially thousands of dollars and any doubts, today!

Rid yourself of the confusion of how much should I pay for this quality and why. Know what you are buying and feel good about the transaction.

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Reduce the risk of making a misinformed and costly decision.
Contact the Diamond Analyst today for a brief, productive discussion on how to buy a diamond right, buy the best. There is so much information available on how to buy a diamond but it still requires you to process all the research if you have the time to do so. Save time and aggravation to make this acquisition process a fruitful and satisfying experience that leaves you better informed and proud of the selection you made. Call the DIAMOND ANALYST at 561.452.1000.

On the call you are advised on how to define and fit your diamond objectives into your budget. The diamond industry does not offer straightforward information but the DIAMOND ANALYST does. Your DIAMOND ANALYST helps you weigh the quality parameters and prioritize what is most important to you so that you can achieve the most for your budget.

However, based on the successful advice the DIAMOND ANALYST has provided over the years, the advice will provide you an advantage when it comes to the actual transaction and this is where you can arrange to meet, view options and acquire the perfect diamond for your engagement or investment purposes. The DIAMOND ANALYST is only available to meet you in New York City, Chicago.

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The decisions are in your hands and assuming that you want the best advice, the DIAMOND ANALYST can guide you to close the deal. Buying a diamond should be an exciting and comfortable experience that forges a new relationship you can count on.

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